We Solve Problems

a charity started by PhD mathematicians - brings the problem-solving and collaborative working skills, as well as the fun of advanced maths into the classroom.

We train in MathsCircles

(held at UCL as well as in individual schools) then pit mathematical wits in MathsBattles.

No calculators, phones,

or other technologies allowed, just brain cells, fingers and toes :)

All tutors have at least

a Masters degree in a maths area and are led by our own PhD trustees; professional mathematicians in their own right in a variety of fields.


Fancy being a computer games designer, a forensic scientist, an architect, an air traffic controller, a climatologist, or an astronaut? You need excellent numerical literacy.

Maths-based graduates earn significantly more than graduates from other disciplines - 5 years later they can be earning twice as much as art graduates.

Maths is the basis of human life; written maths came before written language. 20,000 years ago cavemen notched bones to keep count of stuff and we’re still using the maths of our ancestors – Pythagoras wrote his famous Theorem 2,700 years ago!

Sign up for WSP Verbal Maths Challenge in UCL


On Saturday, September 29th at 2:00pm, in UCL Chadwick building room G08

Students with the best results will be invited to the UCL Maths Club.

Our 2018-19 sessions start on October 6th.

This Maths Challenge is free of charge (sponsored by UCL and WeSolveProblems)


The Verbal Maths Challenge @UCL is open to school years 7 to 9.

There’s no charge to attend this maths challenge. All you need to do is be able to get there.

You must like challenging maths problems.

Enrol now and we will contact you with full details of the event.