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Problem № 35786 14-16

To transmit messages by telegraph, each letter of the Russian alphabet $($а, б, в, г, д, е, ё, ж, з, и, й, к, л, м, н, о, п, р, с, т, у, ф, х, ц, ч, ш, щ, ъ, ы, ь, э, ю, я$)$ $($E and Ё are counted as identical$)$ is represented as a five-digit combination of zeros and ones corresponding to the binary number of the given letter in the alphabet $($letter numbering starts from zero$)$. For example, the letter A is represented in the form 00000, letter B-00001, letter Ч-10111, letter Я-11111. Transmission of the five-digit combination is made via a cable containing five wires. Each bit is transmitted on a separate wire. When you receive a message, Cryptos has confused the wires, so instead of the transmitted word, a set of letters ЭАВЩОЩИ is received. Find the word you sent.

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