Circle 12 05 (Lesson3) – We Solve Problems

Circle 12 05 (Lesson3)

Circle name: Circle 12 05
Lesson name: Lesson3
Starts at : 13.05.2020 11:00



Theory of algorithms (other) 11-13

Burbot-Liman. Find the numbers that, when substituted for letters instead of the letters in the expression NALIM × 4 = LIMAN, fulfill the given equality (different letters correspond to different numbers, but identical letters correspond to identical numbers)


Theory of algorithms (other) 11-13

Professions of family members. In the Semenov family there are 5 people: a husband, a wife, their son, a husband’s sister and the father of his wife. They all work. One is an engineer, another is a lawyer, the third is a mechanic, the fourth is an economist, the fifth is a teacher. Here’s what else is known about them. The lawyer and the teacher are not blood relatives. The mechanic is a good athlete. He followed in the footsteps of an economist and played football for the national team of the plant. The engineer is older than his brother’s wife, but younger than the teacher. The economist is older than the mechanic. What are the professions of each member of the Semenov family?


Mathematical logic (other) 13-14

We meet three people: Alex, Brian and Ben. One of them is an architect, the other is a baker and the third is an archeologist. One lives in Aberdeen, the other in Birmingham and the third in Brighton.$\\$
1) Ben is in Birmingham only for trips, and even then very rarely. However, all his relatives live in this city.$\\$
2) For two of these people the first letter of their name, the city they live in and their job is the same.$\\$
3) The wife of the architect is Ben’s younger sister.


Theory of algorithms (other) 11-13

The vendor has a cup weighing scales with unequal shoulders and weights. First he weighs the goods on one cup, then on the other, and takes the average weight. Is he deceiving customers?


Integer and fractional parts. Archimedean property , Pigeonhole principle (angles and lengths) 14-16

At the cat show, 10 male cats and 19 female cats sit in a row where next to each female cat sits a fatter male cat. Prove that next to each male cat is a female cat, which is thinner than it.


Mathematical logic (other) 12-14

Three friends – Peter, Ryan and Sarah – are university students, each studying a different subject from one of the following: mathematics, physics or chemistry. If Peter is the mathematician then Sarah isn’t the physicist. If Ryan isn’t the physicist then Peter is the mathematician. If Sarah isn’t the mathematician then Ryan is the chemist. Can you determine which subject each of the friends is studying?


Theory of algorithms (other) 11-13

Harry, Jack and Fred were seated so that Harry could see Jack and Fred, Jack could only see Fred, and Fred could not see anyone. Then, from a bag which contained two white caps and three black caps $($ the contents of the bag were known to the boys $)$, they took out and each put on a cap of an unknown color, and the other two hats remained in the sack. Harry said that he could not determine the color of his hat. Jack heard Harry’s statement and said that he did not have enough information to determine the color of his hat. Could Fred on the basis of these answers determine the color of his cap?


Theory of algorithms (other) 11-13

Fred and George are twin brothers. One of them always tells the truth, and the other always lies. You can ask only one question to one of the brothers, to which he will answer “yes” or “no”. Try to find out the name of each of the twins.


Dissections (other) 11-13

Cowboy Joe was sentenced to death in an electric chair. He knows that out of two electric chairs standing in a special cell, one is defective. In addition, Joe knows that if he sits on this faulty chair, the penalty will not be repeated and he will be pardoned. He also knows that the guard guarding the chairs on every other day tells the truth to every question and on the alternate days he answers incorrectly to every question. The sentenced person is allowed to ask the guard exactly one question, after which it is necessary to choose which electric chair to sit on. What question can Joe ask the guard to find out for sure which chair is faulty?



Theory of algorithms (other) 11-13

A kindergarten used cards for teaching children how to read: on some, the letter “MA” are written, on the rest – “DA”. Each child took three cards and began to compose words from them. It turned out that the word “MAMA” was created from the cards by 20 children, the word “DADA” by 30 children, and the word “MADA” by 40 children. How many children all had 3 of the same cards?

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