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Test1 (Lesson1)

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Game theory (other) , Theory of algorithms (other) 10-12

A cat tries to catch a mouse in labyrinths A, B, and C. The cat walks first, beginning with the node marked with the letter “K”. Then the mouse $($ from the node “M”$)$ moves, then again the cat moves, etc. From any node the cat and mouse go to any adjacent node. If at some point the cat and mouse are in the same node, then the cat eats the mouse.
Can the cat catch the mouse in each of the cases A, B, C?

A                                                       B                                                          C




Sequences 15-18

For which natural $n$ does the number $\frac{n^2}{1,001^n}$ reach its maximum value?


Functional equations 15-18

The function F is given on the whole real axis, and for each $x$ the equality holds: $F (x + 1) F (x) + F (x + 1) + 1 = 0.$
Prove that the function F can not be continuous.


Game theory (other) , Theory of algotithms 10-13

Two players in turn increase a natural number in such a way that at each increase the difference between the new and old values of the number is greater than zero, but less than the old value. The initial value of the number is 2. The winner is the one who can create the number 1987. Who wins with the correct strategy: the first player or his partner?


Counting in two ways , Exponential functions and logarithms (other) , Integer and fractional parts. Archimedean property 16-18

Prove that for every natural number $n > 1$ the equality: $[n^{1 / 2}] + [n^{1/ 3}] + … + [n^{1 / n}] = [log_{2}n] + [log_{3}n] + … + [log_{n}n]$ is satisfied.


Theory of algorithms (other) 10-12

True or false? Prince Charming went to find Cinderella. He reached the crossroads and started to daydream. Suddenly he sees the Big Bad Wolf. And everyone knows that this Big Bad Wolf on one day answers every question truthfully, and a day later he lies, he proceeds in such a manner on alternate days. Prince Charming can ask the Big Bad Wolf exactly one question, after which it is necessary for him to choose which of the two roads to go on. What question can Prince Charming ask the Big Bad Wolf to find out for sure which of the roads leads to the Magic kingdom?

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