Maths Battles at UCL

We continue Maths Battles/Maths Circles at University College London in 2017/2018 from October 14, 2017.

We continue Maths Battles/Maths Circles at University College London in 2017-18. The sessions will start on the 14th of

October 2017. The sessions will be held weekly at UCL maths department from 3.30pm to 5pm on Saturdays.

Math battles are free of charge, and are funded by We Solve Problems.

To apply for a place please complete our WeSolveProblems Olympiad via Google Form:
Complete WeSolveProblems Olympiad

Alternatively, you can download the Olympiad as a PDF file, and send the filled form via mail to the following address:

Dr Nadia Sidorova (for WeSolveProblems)
Department of Mathematics, University College London
Gower Street
London WC1E 6BT
Please also include your name, school, and contact information.

What are Maths Battles and Maths Circles?

maths battle is a competition between two opposing teams. Children solve a given set of problems with their team first, and subsequently present their solutions in turns at the whiteboard to the scrutiny of the other team. You can find the rules for maths battles here.

To perform better in battles, children are asked to attend regular training session, namely maths circles. This is done similar to sport competitions between schools, in which children are asked to attend training sessions in order to be able to represent their school.

While the circles form the backbone of our program, we rely on battles to generate interest and buzz around the curriculum.

What is the target age of children for maths battles?

We aim to work with secondary school children from the age of 11. At the moment we divide children according to their year group: Year 7-8, and Year 9-10. We found that the younger children are the most enthusiastic, and we are working hard to preserve their interest in maths when they grow older.

Background and vision

WeSolveProblems is an educational non-profit organization, founded by three enthusiasts (you can read about us at the About page).

Our aim is to organize maths competitions (Maths battles) among UK schools, and provide weekly training (Maths Circles) for the competitions. The training is done in so-called maths circles, which are run on weekly basis. Maths competitions are organized every half term.
Our primary aim is to encourage creative mathematical thinking and to develop a skill in communicating mathematical ideas. One can consider the maths battles as an analogue of debating competitions but within the mathematical context.
Maths battles create natural environment, which we use to teach children how to prove mathematical statements.

Our dream ambition is to establish a Maths Battle League.