Who we are

WeSolveProblems is a registered charity (charity number 1170137) founded by three enthusiasts of extra-curriculum mathematical education. We organize Maths Battle competitions in the UK schools. Our goal is to help UK schools and students to make advanced maths more popular.

What are maths battles

A Maths Battle is a competition between two teams of students, where each team presents their solutions to the opposition who challenge their answers. The idea is similar to that of a sports team, competing regularly and training in between the competitions.

How can I organize a maths battle in my school

A Maths Battle is fun! It is social and competitive! By organising a Maths Battle in your school, you help your students to love maths.
We have prepared a Starter Kit that includes everything you need to organise a Maths Battle.

Maths problem database

Problems from the maths battles and maths circles with solutions. The solutions are available only for the teachers. Please contact us to get access to the solutions.

Sample problems

  • 1

    Is it possible to construct a rectangle with edges longer than 1
    using all the 13 rectangles 1 x 1, 1 x 2, …, 1 x 13?

  • 2

    A number is called “cool” if it has only even numbers as digits.
    (For example, 480 is a “cool” number.) How many different
    “cool” 4-digit numbers exist?

  • 3

    Twenty-five elves and 25 dwarves are seated around a table.
    Show that at least one creature has elves as both neighbours.


Cameron Stephenson

I like the Maths Battles concept, and the challenging problems. The Maths Circles are a little repetitive; maybe two ideas per session would be more interesting. Maths Battles however are perfectly fine, and offer a great opportunity to us to give Maths Problems complex solutions.

Cameron Stephenson

Mr. Jamie A. Rizk

Pupils at the RGS have really enjoyed maths battles and numbers grow week on week. The problems are fun and open questions give the boys further opportunity to work collaboratively outside of the classroom as well as potentially considering mathematics from a different perspective. It is defiantly something the boys look forward to on a Monday evening, the battles even more so.

Mr. Jamie A. Rizk

Bhargar Rentala

I think that with more people, conversations are longer and more detailed, and more time to do work and focus individually [would improve the experience]. I love it, the best maths fun ever. So lucky to be here, challenging but fun.

Bhargar Rentala



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