About Us

WeSolveProblems is founded by three enthusiasts of extra-curriculum mathematical education.


Amir Aliev is a graduate of Moscow State University, majoring in Mathematics and later defending his PhD in Probability Theory. He is a partner at a high-frequency trading firm, where he heads the research in developing statistical models of the financial markets, and algorithms that trade automatically using those models.

As a student at a renowned School 57 in Moscow he experienced first-hand various innovative approaches to mathematical education, including maths battles. He was a multiple times winner of Moscow Mathematical Olympiad and represented Moscow in All-Russian Mathematical Competition.


Elena Boguslavskaya is a mathematician working in probability theory. She was exposed to mathematical education in Russia since her teens, initially as a student of a specialized maths school in Moscow ( School 57), and later at the department of mathematics in Moscow State University. Elena did her PhD in Mathematics at the University of Amsterdam. At present she is a lecturer at Brunel University London.

Elena is a big enthusiast of extra-curriculum mathematical education, such as maths circles and maths battles. She believes that mathematics is a language in the first place, and it is vital to be exposed to this language through various extra-curriculum activities at school. By promoting maths battles and maths circles she hopes to encourage mathematical creativity in children and help them to develop a skill in communicating mathematical ideas.


Vassili Philipov is the founder and CEO of an educational science company, MEL Science. Vassili attended a maths school in Saint-Petersburg. He was a bronze medalist at the International Physics Olympiad in 1994. Later he completed his PhD in Mathematics and founded two IT startup companies in the mobile industry. Both of which grew to more than one hundred employees. Vassili lives in Buckinghamshire with his wife and four children.