Foundation COMPOS

What is COMPOS?

Comprehensive Oxford Mathematics and Physics Online School (COMPOS) is an outreach program set up for the Department of Physics, University of Oxford. Our mission is to help enthusiastic high school students to systematically learn these subjects. The educational approach of COMPOS largely borrows from the tutorial system of Oxbridge. That is, in addition to regular webinars and homework assignments, each participant is assigned a tutor, who will mark their homework and give them weekly 1-hour online tutorials in a group of 5-6 people. The curriculum largely follows the school syllabus but presents the material at a higher and deeper level, concentrating on problem solving skills, thereby preparing the students for higher education and eventually a career in physics and mathematics.

What is the difference between COMPOS and Foundation COMPOS?

COMPOS is free and the enrolment is limited to UK state school students of years 12 and 13, supported by a philanthropic donation. Foundation COMPOS delivers the COMPOS curriculum to those students who are not eligible to attend COMPOS, i.e. to private school students in the UK and students outside the UK.

COMPOS is administered by the Oxford Physics Department, whereas Foundation COMPOS is run by us, We Solve Problems charity. There is no difference in terms of the curriculum, mode of operation, admission criteria and managing team.

Who is running the show?

The effort is led by Professor Alexander Lvovsky. The Academic Coordinator is Vladimir Chernov.

Please proceed to the COMPOS web page to learn more and sign up!


Is the Foundation COMPOS graduation certificate different from that of COMPOS?

Currently, the “graduation certificate” is in the form of a reference letter from Professor Lvovsky, in which your achievements will be outlined. Hence the difference will be minimal.

What are your fees?

We work on a strictly non-profit basis. Your fees will be spent on remuneration for tutors and administrative support only. While the exact amount is yet to be determined, we expect the fee to be close to, but not exceed £1000 per year.

Who is eligible to join?

We impose no formal restrictions, but we expect most of our audience to be students of the ultimate and penultimate years of high school.

What is the admission process?

Similarly to COMPOS, you will simply need to complete the first homework assignment on your own, with the help of our weekly webinars, before the deadline. If you do well, we will assign you a tutor.

I study at a private school, but I cannot afford Foundation COMPOS. Can I get a scholarship?

Please send a letter describing your circumstances to Vladimir.Chernov[at] We will do our best to accommodate you.

I would like to get involved as a tutor. What should I do?

There is a sign-up form on the COMPOS web page.