Open Vacancies

We Solve Problems, a pioneering charity in advancing maths education, is seeking for enthusiastic and innovative aspiring individuals who can add strength to our very successful team, with a creative approach to teaching maths, excellent relationships with colleagues and a collaborative way of working.

You can join our Tutors team or browse the following open positions:

Chief Tutors Officer

You will be responsible for improving and implementing WSP tutoring practices and policies, as well as day-to-day leadership of the tutors’ team. It is initially a part time role, for at least 35hrs per month paid at the rate of £30p/hr. Transformation to a permanent position is expected within two years.

Your Core Duties will be

  • Develop the WSP Tutoring Standards and implement them across the Circles (currently 9 session per week)
  • Onboard the Tutors: running interviews, contracting, DBS checks, training (both re safeguarding and tutoring as such)
  • Develop scaffolding and facilitating tools for Head Tutors and Tutors’ work (Checklists, Special strategies, Tutors Pack, etc)
  • Monitor the Circles, both in person and through on-line resources.
  • Run weekly HTs meetings, and together make sure sessions and tutors are prepared

Many instruments are already in place, but they will require further development and improvements.

In the future, the role will also include the following tasks:

  • Develop training materials for tutors, helping them grow and feel confident in their job
  • Assign tutors to sessions by monitoring availability, and balancing local teams (in collaboration with HTs)
  • Coordinate efforts with Head of Curriculum to ensure all tutors are onboard with WSP standards, and facilitate collecting tutors’ feedback.
  • Develop methods and criteria for assessment of tutors
  • Collect and analyse every day tutoring statistics (HT checklists, Solving form, etc).
  • Control the working hours and organise the payment information for the General Manager (hours spreadsheet, invoices, both checked again HT’s information)
  • Ensure Tutors’ Wellbeing: working conditions and socialising (scripting events for remote running, messaging platform)
  • Facilitate donors contacts with the tutors (meetings, lectures, visits to the companies)

You will work alongside the Head of Curriculum and lead the team of Head tutors responsible for every day organisation of the Circles. Your work will be supervised by the General manager and facilitated by the Operations Officer.

The successful candidate will be proactive in predicting possible problems, and mitigating them before they coming into reality. Excellent relationships with colleagues and a collaborative way of working will be especially important in this role.  We expect you to be able to travel around the country on some weekends to observe in person how the tutors are actually working.

Training will be offered in the initial stage to align a promising candidate with the requirements.

Interested candidates should approach Ignat Fialkovskiy with their CV at