London Verbal Maths Challenge

London Verbal Maths Challenge is an oral olympiad run by We Solve Problems with the help of the tutors of the Maths Circles and professional mathematicians from the London Universities.

The best performing pupils are invited to study in Maths Circles at King’s College and University College suitable for their age group.

The participation is free of charge.


September 2024

Previous edition was held on January 28, 2024.


King’s College London

The Waterloo Campus
Stamford St,
London SE1 9NH

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How to participate

Any pupil of the school years 7–11 can join the challenge. The participation is free of charge. To receive latest updates, please fill in this form.

  • There is no need to prepare for the Verbal Challenge in any way. 
  • It is necessary and important to be having fun with the puzzles and problems. 
  • On the event, students will work on their own, and talking individually to a tutor.

Please note that we have a limited capacity of 100 places.

Past London Verbal Maths Challenges

  • September, 2022
  • January, 2023
  • October 2023
  • January 2024

About Maths Circles and Maths Battles

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Maths Battles are debate competitions between two opposing teams. Students are not only required to solve a given set of mathematical problems, but also to present their solutions clearly and defend them under the scrutiny of the opponents.

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