Maths Circles at University of Warwick


University of Warwick


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On Saturdays, from 2 pm to 3:30 pm, and from 4:30pm to 6:00pm.

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November, 11Circle
November, 18Circle
November, 25Circle
December, 2Circle
December, 9Maths Battle


January, 13Circle
January, 20Circle
January, 27Circle
February, 3Circle
February, 10Intra-Circle Maths Battle
February, 24Circle
March, 2Circle
March, 9no session, open day at the UW
March, 16Circle
March, 23Intra-Circle Maths Battle
Easter Break
April, 20Circle
April, 27no session, open day at the UW
May, 4Circle
May, 11Circle
May, 18Circle
May, 25Intra-Circle Maths Battle & Inter-School Maths Battle

How to Attend

Maths Circles & Battles are free of charge for all students of the school years 7 to 11.

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About Maths Circles and Maths Battles

Maths Circles are weekly extracurricular maths sessions for students in school years 7–11. The sessions are led by students of Mathematics from some of the leading UK universities. Maths Circles delve into topics that promote the art of problem-solving, nurture structured thinking, and cultivate a passion for mathematics. Participation is free of charge.

Maths Battles are debate competitions between two opposing teams. Students are not only required to solve a given set of mathematical problems, but also to present their solutions clearly and defend them under the scrutiny of the opponents.

Learn more about Maths Circles and Maths Battles.